Aircraft Consulting and Management Services

Aircraft Consulting and Management Services, Lda (ACMS, Lda) is a global company created to provide tailored technical services to Aircraft Industry partners as owners, operators and third-part airworthiness authorities.

We supply specialist contract services to the aviation industry with expertise in all aspects of Aircraft Continuous Airworthiness review inspections.

Our Values

We believe in a tailored Customer Service for each client, based on our team of experience technicians with several years of work on Airliner Engineering functions, including Aircraft Continuous Airworthiness Review and Quality Audit Functions.


Aircraft Consulting and Management Services takes an approach to doing business were we want to have a real partnership to our clients and contribute to their success in a continuous challenge environment.



Quality Statement


ACMS assumes the Quality as basic value and is pledged in guaranteeing its continuous improvement.


In this direction the levels of service of its instalments and the evaluation of its collaborators are defined.


ACMS is committed to the launching of Quality programs and to the development of processes of external recognition, affecting the adequate resources to the objectives settled in these programs.


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