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ACMS is now ready to provide the required Aviation Industry Consulting Services.

Dear Customer,


Aircraft Consulting and Management Services is a Company created to provide tailored technical services to Aircraft Industry partners as Owners, Operators and third-part airworthiness Authorities.


Our team is committed to provide integrated services, base on several years of working on Aircraft Continuous Airworthiness Review.


These services include:


  • Airworthiness determination To confirm if an aircraft meets the approved type-certificate design standards and is in a condition for safe operation;


  • Aircraft "on site" Physical inspection of interior and exterior, including airframe, powerplant (s), systems, emergency equipment;


  • Records and documentation review Required maintenance and overhaul records, approved Maintenance Programs, logbooks, Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletin status, corrosion control programs, noise and emissions certifications status, next aicraft inspection package review; and


  • Final report Assessment findings, safety recommendations, photographic documentation of physical inspection results, classification and cost analysis (such as maintenance reserves utilization) to the open mandatory modifications


Additional services that can be provided:


  • Pre-redelivery meetings to access and discuss redelivery conditions under contractual obligations (normally are done 6 months in advance to the defined redelivery date)
  • Engine shop workscope approvals (repairs and performance restoration) including the application/usage off Maintenance Reserves;
  • Assembly line on-site REP, aircraft definition and related aircraft equipments selection and material procurements, etc;
  • Any type of Maintenance Manuals preparation or customization for each specific operator/aircraft model (RVSM, ETOPS, CAT II, III MPD, etc);
  • Aircraft Phase-in (delivery) and/or Aircraft Phase-out (re-delivery) technical assistance and consultation.


We plan to develop also a web-data-base service to maintain aircraft documentation control with and easy and protected access from any world location via Internet access.


When there are more details available we will pass them to you.


If we can be of any assistance or if you would like to talk to ACMS about our Aircraft technical services, please do not hesitate to contact us.





Aircraft Consulting and Management Services, Lda.



Eng. Joo Azevedo

President and CEO



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