Aircraft Consulting and Management Services currently supply technical inspectors for the following services:


  • Airworthiness determination – Confirmation that an aircraft meets approved type-certificate design standards and is in a condition for safe operation;

  • Aircraft – Physical inspections of interior and exterior, including airframe, powerplant (s), systems, emergency equipment;

  • Records and Documents review – Required maintenance and overhaul records, logbook, service bulletins status, corrosion control programs, noise and emissions certification status;

  • Final report – Assessment findings, safety recommendations, photographic documentation of physical inspection results.


Additional services that can be provided:




  • Aircraft Phase-in (delivery) and/or Aircraft Phase-out (redelivery) technical consultation and physical assistance.

  • Pre-redelivery meetings to access and discuss redelivery conditions under contractual obligations (normally are to be done 6 months in advance to the defined redelivery date);

  • Final Assembly line on-site REP, aircraft definition and related aircraft equipments vendors selections (BFE and SFE materials);

  • Aircraft CofA issuance assistance

  • Airline Maintenance Program management

  • Airline bridging checks studies




  • Technical Records review

  • Aircraft technical Status assessment

  • Reliability and documentation analysis

  • Airworthiness Directives

  • Modifications

  • Component analysis (LLP/Hard times, Regulations, Maintenance program, etc)

  • Structural repairs Assessment 

  • Aircraft Documentation Inventory



         RELIABILITY (Operational Fleet Dispach)

  • Reliability Program and Manual

  • Computing (Complete fleet data computer loading)

  • Analysis (fleet reliability reports)

  • Corrective actions recommendations (Reliability Review Board action items)



  • MRB compliance review/check

  • MPD and Operator regulations review/check

  • Maintenance manual preparation and customization

  • MGS-3 check and Improvements



  • Basic Regulations and Implementing Rules “Continuing Airworthiness”

  • CAME (EC 2042/2003 Annex I – Part M) Operator Manual

  • MOE (EC 2042/2003 Annex  II – Part 145) Maintenance Organization Manual




  • RVSM Manual

  • ETOPS Manual (Including certification compliance process)

  • CAT II, III Manual




  • Company Quality Manual

  • Audit System implementation

  • Independent Quality Audits




  • EU rules implementation based on EU doc EC 2320/2002  compliance review

  • Security audits checks (certified staff)

  • Security Manual



        LOGISTICS (Heavy Maintenance checks)


  • Purchasing department (vendor selection, price approval, PO issuance)

  • Exchange or Loans options versus new parts

  • Transports coordination

  • Final Invoice acceptance (commercial and technical acceptance)

  • Local technical assistance



        ENGINES and APU’s

  • Dirty table Engine Preliminar Inspections

  • Engine Shop workscope approvals (repairs and performance restaurations)

  • Maintenance reserves application (Lease Agreement compliance)

  • LLP’s status and full tracebility story checks.       


        AIRCRAFT FLIGHT TESTS (Delivery or redelivery conditions)

  • Flight test coordination

  • Flight crew

  • Catering coordination

  • Flight Ops support (Flight plans, weather & routes coordination

  • Final position flight           



 For any other requirement please check if we are able to find a suitable solution to your specific requirement.